Buy Local Summit Exhibition

The Exhibition element of the Buy Local Summit & Expo is open to Proudly South African members only – as exhibitors. Visiting the expo however is free of charge and open to anyone. Think of 600 passing by your stand looking for new buyers or suppliers. You need to be there.
Some of our large corporate members including Hollard, Nestle, Edcon, Massmart, Nissan, HiSense, Multichoice and others have extensive Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes and are always looking for new companies to be part of these initiatives, and if you’re at the Expo you will be seen.

Why visit the Expo? - Register here as a day visitor to the Expo ONLY (excludes Conference)

If you’re ready to make a commitment both privately and professionally to increase the amount of local goods and services you will actively include in your shopping trolley or in your procurement process at work , then the Proudly SA Buy Local Expo is one of the single biggest market (around 200 exhibitors in 2017) of local suppliers of everything from confectionery, artisanal products, manufacturing capacity including haulage, chemicals, mechanical machinery, and printing works to clothing and accessories.
At the expo you will find new suppliers for many items which you have traditionally imagined could only be bought from overseas, and who knows, you may even find new markets and buyers for your own goods and services.

Conference – Register here for the Conference ONLY

The Buy Local Summit (Conference) is a place for all stakeholders in the procurement value chain to unpack what it means to be a buy local champion. It goes beyond economic benefits and job creation. For some sectors, government legislation has elevated their status to one of a preferred sector under the terms of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) and so companies operating in these sectors need to understand how to maximise that home team advantage.
Speakers and panellists address the many direct and other issues that show the impact on society that increased levels of local procurement can have – and demonstrate that the converse can also be true. Diminished levels of local procurement are bad for the country as a whole.
No other conference has been as successful in bringing together large and small businesses to convey in so many different ways that all over the world Buy Local movements are meaningful, relevant, imperative and viable.
If you are involved in any way in procurement, whether buying the stationery, kitchen items and cleaning products for your office or if you are the manager of millions of Rands of spend on components or raw materials for your operation, the Proudly SA Buy Local Summit & Expo should be a date in your diary.