Now in its 6th year, the Proudly South African Buy Local Summit & Expo is an important date on corporate South Africa’s calendar. This year the Summit will take place over 2 days instead of just one . (See Workshops).

The buy local message is an ongoing call to action to the public and private sectors, to all businesses, government entities and ordinary consumers, and this underpins the talks, panel discussions and workshops during the Summit.

The Summit is a chance for businesses to network and exploit the B2B opportunities that the attendance of hundreds of procurement decision makers offers. The expo offers exposure to small start up businesses as well as big corporations. Networking and finding new markets, new outlets, new customers and new suppliers is the order of the day, and previous exhibitors have always left with many new contacts. (See Exhibition)

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Now in its 6th year, the Proudly South African Buy Local Summit & Expo will take place over 2 days on 3rd & 4th April, 2017.

Supported by the office of the Deputy Minister, the Ministries of dti, Economic Development and Small Business Development, the Buy Local Summit & Expo is an important event which attracts leaders of business, CEOs of large enterprises and other captains of industry both to attend as delegates, but some of whom are part of our panel discussions.

The topics of our discussions are varied but underlining all our talks is the importance to the growth of our economy and to job stimulation of making buy local choices at all levels.

Our Expo runs concurrently with the Summit, and is aimed at showcasing products and services of Proudly SA member companies. These range from large corporates and multi-nationals which have a with local manufacturing base, to smaller enterprises and offers the opportunity to learn and trade from and with each other.

Objectives of the Buy Local Summit & Expo

  • Promoting locally produced products and services using an exhibition and event platform.

  • Consolidate and expose a central database of local suppliers in all sectors for all state organs and businesses, to use when procuring to ensure that they procure locally manufactured products and make use of local services.

  • Ensuring that all National Government departments purchase their daily consumables locally.

  • Ensuring that every Provincial Government department, Metro’s and Municipalities use local suppliers.

  • It is part of the National Buy Local Campaign to educate consumers about the importance of buying and supporting locally produced products and services and the impact of local procurement.

  • Educating consumers about Country of Origin Label. All products have to carry a label of origin stating where the product was made.

In order for the Campaign to achieve all of the above objectives, it is critical to work very closely with all four Social partners to drive education and awareness around Local Procurement and supporting local markets in order to create employment in South Africa.